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HR Consulting

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Pulse HR Solutions, LLC is a client-focused, goal-oriented firm offering comprehensive and cost-effective solutions designed to meet the needs of your organization.    

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HR Consulting Services

Whether you're a small business owner or manage an HR department, it's important to align your HR strategies with your company's goals and objectives.  

Partnering with a HR Consultant provides insights to help you and your team achieve sustainable success.

HR Audits & Assessments

Audits identify potential compliance concerns and help prioritize next steps.  Assessments analyze structures in a holistic way to better align HR practices with employees' needs and organizational goals.


Local, state, and federal guidelines change frequently.  Pulse HR Solutions, LLC can review and update current handbooks or develop a customized handbook with state supplements.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the cornerstone of any successful business. It's a key driver of your company's reputation. 


Boost employee engagement and internal communications and create buy-in with:  Surveys and Focus Groups | Exit Interviews | Culture Surveys | Workshops 

Interim Support

Interim HR Support fills a short- or long-term assignment for any business and aligns HR strategies with your company's goals and objectives.  

·  Lead a specific project

·  Augment current HR staff

·  Set up HR functions for start-up

Performance Management

Pulse HR Solutions, LLC builds, designs, and updates performance management systems that support your goals while providing tools, techniques and processes to ensure feedback, recognition and development for your team members.

Culture Work

The culture of your workplace is the foundation for everything you do. It's the reason employees choose to come in every day, and it's the reason why they go home fulfilled and happy.

·  Job Satisfaction Assessments

·  Internal Process Reviews

·  Culture Analyses


You want to attract the best talent to help your team reach its goals. Partnering with an expert, like Sheri, can help analyze your current recruiting practices and ensure they effectively represent your company in today's challenging recruiting market.  Sheri focuses on process improvements.

Retention Strategy

Build an Overall Retention Strategy:

·  ​Training Assessment

·  Career Pathing

·  Job Descriptions

·  Compensation Surveys

·  Onboarding Planning & Review

·  Rewards & Recognition


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