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Helping leaders lead better

We've always believed in the power of stories to reveal the truth. As we navigate the challenges and opportunities beyond the Great Resignation, our mission is clear: Now is the time for leaders to lead better. We specialize in offering practical leadership training, development programs, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) services that are curated from real-world stories and time-tested principles. We do not engage in recruiting or staffing; our focus is on developing the existing human capital of organizations to achieve exceptional results.

Meet the Team

We've brought together a team of experts who are not just proficient in HR theories but have practical experience in a wide range of industries. Our specialists are dually certified in human resources (SPHR and SHRM-SCP) and have significant experience in leadership training, DE&I, workplace culture assessment, anti-harassment training, and onboarding development.

In addition to our in-house experts, we have strategically aligned ourselves with specialized partners to offer a full suite of HR solutions. This includes attorneys seasoned in employment law and labor regulations, ensuring that our clients are always in compliance with evolving legal standards. We also work closely with safety officers who specialize in creating and maintaining safe and healthy work environments, including OSHA compliance and risk management strategies. These partnerships allow us to provide a one-stop solution for all your HR needs, covering the legal, ethical, and safety dimensions of employee management. With this comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach, we are better equipped to address complex HR challenges and deliver integrated solutions tailored to your organization's unique needs.

Our services include but are not limited to:
- Leadership Development Programs
- Diversity Programs
- Workplace Culture Assessment
- Custom Workplace Training Programs
- Anti-Harassment Training
- Onboarding Program Development
- Strategic Planning
- Team building
- HR Audits/Assessments
- Compliance (multi-state and Federal)
- Policy/Procedure Development
- Handbook Development
- Salary/Compensation Review
- Workplace Wellness Programs

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Training through Storytelling

Through personal experience and collecting hundreds of shared stories from real people, it is time to break the mold and start transforming the way leaders lead and employees perform. Each training session and workshop provide you with the tools you need to become a more effective leader. The real change comes when you dedicate your time and energy to put these in to practice with your team. Times have changed over the last few years and employees are no longer willing to take a backseat to the age-old way of management in organizations.

Special Invitation from Sheri

I invite you to join me in a workshop, conference, or coaching session. Share your story with me. Together, let's inspire future leaders to lead BETTER!

For a partnership in all things people-related, let's start a conversation today and work together towards a better future.

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About Our Founder

Sheri Bender, MSEd Human Resource Development

Sheri Bender is not just another HR consultant. She is a seasoned Leadership Trainer, Certified Diversity Executive (CDE)®, and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with a down-to-Earth approach. She holds a Master's degree in Human Resource Development from James Madison University and has amassed a wealth of experience over her 25-year career in various HR-related positions.

Sheri has multiple certifications that speak volumes about her expertise. These include Senior Professional in Human Resources® (SPHR®), SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP), Certified Change Management Specialist (CMS), and Flow Certified Business Coach (FCBC) among many others. Her commitment to diversity and inclusion is evidenced by her role as Director of Diversity and Inclusion for both the Shenandoah Valley Society of Human Resource Management (SVSHRM) and HR Virginia SHRM State Council, where she has served for nearly 4 years. And, she currently serves as the Secretary for the Institute for Diversity’s Certification Board (IDC). 

Her career highlights feature executive coaching and leadership development roles in organizations like BetterUp and GrowthSpace. As an adjunct faculty and curriculum designer at James Madison University, she contributes her expertise to redesign Human Resource Development courses and provide both asynchronous and in-person instruction. Sheri has also delivered custom training programs focusing on leadership, communication, and performance management for community organizations at Blue Ridge Community College and Laurel Ridge Community College for over six years.

Sheri is not just about theory; she is about action. She has been a Project Manager Lead for SHRM Foundation's Veterans at Work Program and provided recruiting and retention training emphasizing the benefits of hiring veterans and military community members to nationwide organizations.

Beyond the professional realm, Sheri is deeply involved in her community. She is a long-standing member of the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce and is a member of the Greater Regional Augusta Regional Chamber of Commerce. Where she often serves as a leadership and workshop speaker.  She has contributed to organizational development in multiple roles, including past presidencies at Shenandoah Valley SHRM and Winchester Area SHRM.

Sheri's philosophy is simple: Lead BETTER! By fostering more inclusive and diverse organizations, she helps to bring about a transformative change in workplace cultures. With a host of skills in strategic planning, collaborative leadership, organizational development, and performance feedback, Sheri’s vision goes beyond transactional services to offer a partnership in building a better future for all.

For a comprehensive, real-world approach to leadership development and DE&I, Sheri Bender is the expert you've been looking for. Contact her today to learn how you can create a more inclusive, equitable, and productive work environment.

Pulse HR Solutions, LLC, Founder



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