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  • Sheri Bender

Nourish to Flourish: A Journey into Mindful Eating

Fun Fact: I’m a Certified Health Coach and in March we celebrate National Nutrition Month.

This month, the spotlight shines on the theme "Beyond the Table” and takes a look into the

holistic aspects of healthful eating. Mindful eating is a core concept in this year’s theme and

mindful eating invites us to savor every moment and nourish our bodies and minds with

intention. Let's explore the essence of mindful eating and its profound impact it can have on our


Mindful eating is more than just a dietary approach; it's a lifestyle that encourages us to be fully

present, appreciating every bite without judgment or distractions. As Lilian Cheung, a renowned

expert in nutrition, emphasizes, we need to transition from multitasking to monotasking when it

comes to eating. Being mindful allows us to connect with ourselves, listen to our bodies' cues,

and make conscious choices about what, when, and how much we eat. When you have a meal

or snack are you mono-tasking or multi-tasking. For me, it’s easy to get into a habit of multi-

tasking as a way to try to get more things done. This is a good reminder that fueling our body

and mind will better serve me in the long run.

The core principles of mindful eating include:

  • Paying attention to the eating experience

  • Cultivating gratitude for food

  • Monitoring senses and being present while eating

  • Employing non-judgmental observation of thoughts and emotions

  • Listening to the body's hunger and fullness signals

  • Being aware of our emotional eating triggers

Benefits of practicing mindful eating:

  • Improved digestion and nutrient absorption

  • Enhanced appreciation and enjoyment of food

  • Better regulation of appetite and portion control

  • Reduced risk of overeating and emotional eating

  • Increased awareness of food choices and their impact

  • Greater satisfaction and fulfillment during meals

Practical Tips for Mindful Eating:

  • Incorporate simple and impactful practices – start small (1-2 new practices)

  • Start meals with a moment of silence or gratitude

  • Pay attention to hunger cues before, during, and after eating

  • Slow down the pace of eating and take a break between bites

  • Did you know 32 chews are recommended?

  • Challenge: place fork down between bites

  • Challenge: eat with chop sticks to practice taking smaller bites

  • Create a clutter-free and dedicated space for your meals

Mindful eating can lead to a healthier and more fulfilling relationship with food, allowing us to

savor the moment and nourish body and mind with intention and awareness. It's a journey of

rediscovering the joy of eating and living mindfully. What steps can you take today to

incorporate mindful eating practices into your daily life, and how do you envision these practices

positively impacting your overall well-being?


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